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Video for Sales Teams to connect better and convert more

From prospecting to closing, create and share contextually personalized videos at scale, faster than ever before.

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Videos for everyone in your sales team

Create personalized videos quickly, easily, and at scale. Upgrade your outreach, boost engagement, and double up on booked meetings

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    1–to–1 prospecting email

    Stand out from run–of–the–mill outreach & grab prospect’s attention

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    1–to–many video email (cadence)

    Add videos at crucial touchpoints in your automated cadence; Increase email opens & click–throughs.

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    LinkedIn video message

    Be it prospects, peers, or partners, build better relationships with video messages

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    Out–of–office video response

    Turn every touchpoint impactful and as an opportunity by adding videos

Unlock the power of video to drive success for your sales team! Keep messaging on point and arm them with content that will help you close more deals.

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    Ramp up your team efficiently

    Collate all training videos in a single place; create playlists for different topics with Video Hubs

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    Maintain messaging consistency

    Create & manage SDR video scripts to ensure they stay on point

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    Improve adoption

    Build custom video flows that your team can use to create videos easily while adhering to brand guidelines

Empower your team with videos and watch them boost pipeline. Increase sales without having to increase team size and budgets - as simple as that!

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    Video greetings

    Create & send greetings to employees, customers & partners easily with pre-built templates

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    Business updates & announcements

    Turn business updates engaging & impactful by sharing them as videos

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    Videos for social

    Put a face to your name and build your personal brand in the most effective way

Selling without Hippo Video

Implementing video in sales at scale is complicated and time-consuming.

Personalization is limited to first name and the need to hold a whiteboard in the frame.

Productivity takes a hit as sales reps spend more time creating videos.

Linear video limits the viewer to one predefined viewing path. Impossible to collect valuable customer feedback.

Selling with Hippo Video

Create multiple videos in record time with a wide range of pre-built templates.

Quickly deliver engaging and contextualized personalized videos at scale with intuitive tools.

Accelerate and automate video creation with video workflows.

Create engaging, interactive video experiences with a custom viewing path, forms, polls, CTAs, and more.

Video selling features

Deploy videos at scale, from prospecting to closing

Accelerate video creation with video flows

  • Choose from our many pre-built templates to create videos for different scenarios effortlessly.
  • Stitch personalized intros with pre-recorded videos instead of recording individual videos for each prospect repeatedly.
  • Create your own custom template library for faster and easier video creation.

Boost engagement with Interactivity

  • Think beyond 1-to-1 webcam videos. Make communication two-way by embedding interactive elements such as forms, CTAs, polls etc, right into your video to engage and capture critical information from your prospects.
  • Let viewers choose their own viewing path by enabling branching inputs within the video.

Delight prospects
with hyper-personalization

  • Send personalized email campaigns at scale by personalizing the video, video thumbnail, and sales pages for each prospect.
  • Record just one video and personalize it for 100's of prospects with you in them, calling out your prospects' names—all auto-generated with AI. Who said personalized videos were time-consuming? Check out Humanize AI.

Video reveals real intent

  • Email opens and click-throughs are no longer enough to gauge prospects' intent.
  • With videos, you can see when prospects open and watch your video, how much they've watched, from what device, at what time, and so on - giving you a far better idea of how interested they are.

Send videos from anywhere

  • Create, share, and track videos from the tools you are already using.
  • Hippo Video integrates with popular sales tools like Hubspot, Salesloft, Outreach, LinkedIn, and much more, so you don't have to juggle between tabs and tools.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I increase sales using videos for sales teams?

    Videos selling can be a great sales hack in every step of your sales journey. In cold outreach, personalized video emails can skyrocket your outreach response rates. As the prospect moves ahead in the buying process, videos with personalized sales page can help account executives speed up the sales process and win more deals.

  • Can we track videos and how?

    Yes, you can track videos using Hippo Video and gain insights on your viewers. Monitoring video analytics can help sales reps plan better follow-ups.

  • Does one need to create individual personalized videos for each lead?

    You can personalize one video and reach out to multiple leads through Hippo Video, at scale. Stats suggest personalization can grow your sales by about 20%.

  • Can I integrate with my CRM or other Sales tools?

    Yes, you can integrate Hippo Video with CRM applications or your sales tools. Hippo Video is supported on Salesforce, Gmail, Hubspot, Outreach and other popular sales tools. If you do not find your integration, do reach out to us and we'll help you out craft a video selling & prospecting strategy.

Get 3x ROI with Videos